Security Camera
Systems Installation
We offer use- proved equipment with
an official guarantee and maximal
configurations for your tasks.
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Fire Ptotection
Design, installation, maintenance
of Fire Protection Systems
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Installation of
Access Control Systems
Design, calculation of the estimate, installation,
making-ready ( engineering setup)
and service maintenance.
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security systems
for business and home

UST company has over 10 years of experience in the sale and installation of video surveillance systems for houses and offices.

Security and safety systems are a set of measures and technical solutions. They provide full or partial protection of movable and immovable objects, property, information, data or people from external manifestations of a criminal nature.

UST services

We pay our clients, who trust us, with the quality and speed of our work, as well as its moderate cost.
An individual approach to each customer allows us to completely satisfy your needs concerning security systems.

The following kinds of services are available at UST:


Video Surveillance Systems

Selling, design and installation of video surveillance systems


Fire Protection Systems

Selling, design and installation of fire protection systems


Access Control Systems

Selling, design and installation of access control and management systems.


Ventilation Systems

Selling, design and installation of ventilation systems


Electricity Supply Systems

Selling, design and installation of electricity supply systems


Computer Systems

Installation of computer networks

Installation of security
equipment of any kind

For your safety

UST company specializes in property protection

The company’s strength is designing from scratch of access control systems, fire protection systems, video surveillance systems.  

More than a thousand of completed security systems are in the asset of our specialists who design, develop, install, configure and put into operation systems of any complexity.

Our engineers are highly qualified. That is the reason why the video surveillance cameras, installed by our company, cover the most necessary risk zones, and fire safety sensors are installed just where they can prevent the danger most quickly.

It doesn’t matter what kind of object we take – a small house or an apartment, or a huge manufacturing workshop or complex, your security system will always function as it is expected.

UST's mission is your peace of mind/ calmness for life and property.
Diryavko Alexander Mykolayovych

Founder of LLC UST

What do we do?

Facility safety analysis

A plan for the security system is being developed.

Turnkey installation

We are focused on an integrated approach in providing services to our customers

Project documentation

Comprehensive development of design estimates for any buildings and structures

Routine maintenance

A set of technical measures aimed at maintaining the performance of systems, preventing breakdowns and failures, carrying out minor repairs

We carry out work on a turnkey basis of any complexity

Installation and maintenance of security equipment

We offer our clients a unique opportunity to receive a free assessment of an object for the need to install security systems. We will also give advice on the installation of equipment and provide a detailed estimate. If your object is already equipped with systems, increasing its security, you can contact the UST company`s specialists and learn whether it is worthwhile to improve and modernize these systems.

Our specialists are always ready to visit the client and inspect the object. Also, high-quality advice will be provided, taking into account all the client’s wishes. All work is performed only after agreement of the project with the client or his representative.


Objects are under burglar alarm


Video surveillance
systems have
been installed


Access control
systems have
been installed

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