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An access control and management system (ACS) is a system of programmable controlled technical means that allow, within a given territory, to limit the possibility of entering it. With the help of ACS, the administrator has the ability to completely or partially (for example, by time) restrict access to the territory of people, as well as he can register the fact of entering the closed area and time.

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Installation of access control systems (ACS)

Access control systems (ACS) actively are in all spheres of human life, from the intercom at home to the access system with ACS at work. Also, such systems are actively installed at train stations, airports, in business centers where it is necessary to restrict the movement of people in certain areas. The access control system can significantly increase the security of the facility. Depending on the configuration and the customer’s wishes, the ACS system can also:

  • Restrict the internal access of staff and visitors, according to the rules;
  • Track the movement of people around the facility; Keep records and save data on the time of staying of people in a particular area;
  • Keep track of the working time of employees;
  • Detect the unauthorized entry into the control zone;

Other security systems can have the ability to connect to the ACS (fire alarm, security console), etc. The ability to build integrated security systems.

As you can see, the control and access control system makes it easier to control the movement and access of people to control areas. Indirectly, such a system allows the owner to save money, since there is no need to hire additional security. Even if such a system is not yet provided for by the building project, it is advisable to lay in everything necessary for its further installation at the construction stage.

UST has broad experience in installing and configuring access control and management systems. The portfolio of completed orders includes both private clients and legal entities. We will install ACS at any facility, regardless of its location.


Turnkey installation of access control and management systems

The ACS system requires the development of a project, according to which it will be installed, like any other similar systems.  First of all, an engineer visits a facility and inspects its territory, makes the necessary measurements and calculations, in order to correctly design a project. During this visit, the customer can make adjustments and special requests

Trust the installation of ACS to professionals!

The capabilities of the UST company imply the installation of turnkey access control and management systems. Qualified project personnel will prepare a system design in accordance with all standards and requirements; engineers will give a recommendation for the selection of equipment or select it themselves; installers will install professionally and quickly; at the final stage, the entire system will be configured and put into operation.

Our specialists pay huge attention to every detail, during work, at every stage. This will save you time and money as it has a positive effect on the frequency of maintenance of the equipment. Each element of the system is first configured separately, and then inserted into the overall system and re-tested.

Advantages of installing ACS by UST company

It’s a well-known fact that UST company is a professional in the implementation of access control and management systems. Both individuals and legal entities, including large government organizations trust us. We highlight several aspects due to which clients have chosen and advised the UST company for many years, namely:

  • Individual approach to the choice of equipment, depending on the requirements of the facility and the customer’s wishes;
  • Making of an individual project for the customer`s needs;
  • Moderate price. It’s good value for money;
  • We use only modern, high-quality, proven equipment that will work correctly for many years;
  • Round-the-clock support on the operation of access control systems;
  • We provide you with a long-term guarantee for the technical part and for work.
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Stages of work

UST specialists completely install ACS systems. Work starts with making a project, which is approved with the customer without fail and ends with high-quality installation, customization and assistance in preparing the necessary documents


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