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Electricity Supply Systems

Electricity Supply Systems is a complex or a set of complexes that provide various kinds of transformations, transmission from sources and distribution between consumers of electrical energy. The structure of the electrical generating system can be very diverse and include many elements, such as: energy sources, its converters, transmission and distribution systems, relay protection, automation, control and signaling complexes, etc.

In general, the electrical generating system can be divided into three main elements:

  • Source of electric power;
  • Distribution complexes responsible for the transmission and distribution of energy between consumers;
  • Consumers directly.

In a modern building, such a system must meet the following requirements:

  • Uninterrupted electric power supply of the required characteristics with deviations only in permissible values. There are devices who are extremely sensitive to surges and poor voltage quality. In the absence of stabilizing devices, such appliances can malfunction or even lead to equipment failure and disruption of the production process.
  • Surge withstand capability. The installation of additional protective systems in the form of voltage stabilizers and other things effectively fights against low quality of electricity and smoothes out all surges and dips, which ensures reliable operation of sensitive devices.
  • High level of security. Problems with electrical appliances are the most common causes of emergency. In this regard, each electric power supply system must be provided with security systems that protect against overvoltage, short circuits, lightning strikes, etc.
  • Economic efficiency. A properly designed electrical generating system and correctly selected equipment are more efficient and economical, which allows to reduce the operating costs of the facility where this system is located.

All the requirements and comments, described above are necessary in order to call the facility’s electrical power supply system safe and efficient. That is why these and many other factors are taken into account in the development or modernization of the existing or new electrical generating system by the UST professional engineering staff involved in the work.
Designing, installation and maintenance of electrical generating systems by UST specialists are made according to existing standards and requirements. UST is your reliable partner in the field of electrical power supply.

Electrical services for individuals

In an apartment or separate rooms:

We will make a complex project and installation of wiring in the kitchen and in other rooms

We will make a "clean" toothing of the ceiling and walls

We will install lamps and chandeliers of any size

We will lay out heated floor and install temperature controller/ thermostat

We will transfer sockets quickly

We will replace the wiring in the necessary rooms

We will plug in any electrical appliances

We will plug in
watt-hour meter

In a house or cottage:

We will make
a complete
wiring project

We calculate the required
power and divide
it into groups

We will install
an electric fireplace
and lay out a heated floor

We will stretch supply cable into the house

We will install video surveillance and alarm

We will select backyard, facade and landscape lighting

We will carry out the necessary grounding and install lightning-discharge protector, integrate the "Smart Home" system

We will install movement-detecting sensors and make 220/380 in the garage

Electrical installation services for commercial organizations

Installation of electrical equipment for voltage levels up to 10 kV

Electrical connection

Installation of cable metalwork

Repair of cable link 0.4 kV / 10 kV

Installation of cablelink for voltage levels up to 10 kV

Installation of overhead cables 0.4 kV / 10 kV

Installation of welding and lighting networks

Installation of automated control systems and control various tech. processes

Installation of telemetry networks, dispatch networks and data networks

Responsible for electrical equipment

Installation of automated system for commercial metering of electricity

Maintenance of electrical installations

Installation of transformer substations and complete transformer substations

Assistance in obtaining documents

we work on

UST company performs electrical installations for the following facilities

Residential apartments
Shopping centers

Turnkey electrical installation work

A properly organized process of development and installation of the electrical power supply system is a pledge of the correct operation and safety of the electrical power supply system operation. The health and life of people, as well as the integrity and safety of property, depend on this. Regardless of the complexity of the electrical power supply system, whether it is providing power to a small apartment or a large enterprise, there are certain rules and stages of work that must be followed. This plan looks like this:

  • Site preparation (cleaning everything unnecessary, cleaning surfaces);
  • Preparation for cable installation;
  • Directly cable routing;
  • Installation of switchboard equipment;
  • Connection and hookup of cables and equipment;
  • Commissioning activities, testing;
  • Acceptance of the facility by the customer, transfer of documentation.

In addition to working with power supply, UST specialists also perform high-quality installation and adjustment of low-current equipment in the form of video surveillance systems, fire safety, warning systems, computer networks and etc.


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Electrical work from UST

Our company has developed a reputation in Kiev as a reliable supplier and installer of security systems, including access control systems. We work with commercial organizations and state-owned enterprises at facilities of all confidentiality levels. The company stands out from the general background due to several aspects:

  • Working with leading manufacturers of lighting equipment
  • Extensive project experience
  • Project approach
  • Deep knowledge and understanding of the specifics of various business sectors
  • Moderate price
  • Large staff of certified specialists
  • Warranties and post-project service

We treat our clients with respect and seriousness. We offer everyone an individual approach to solving any, even the most non-standard, tasks. The employees of our organization are skillful enough for the successful implementation of electrical and low-current measures of any complexity, according to any wishes of the customer. All work is covered by a guarantee.

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