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The ventilation system is the most important part of any structure. The UST company installs turnkey ventilation systems of any complexity.

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Ventilation systems

The ventilation system is the most important component of any building. You can enjoy favorable temperatures and conditions with the help of it and be sure all material values that may be here are safe ​​.

Building ventilation is a system that must be built in strict compliance with regulations and standards.  The main requirement is the fresh air supply from the outside and air outlet to the outside, which has already passed through the system and performed its functions. A properly designed ventilation system ensures the perfect balance of temperature, moisture and air purity.

According to their purpose, ventilation systems are divided into several groups:

  • supply ventilation – provides fresh air to the room
  • exhaust ventilation – removes exhaust air to the outside
  • supply and exhaust (balanced) ventilation – a combination of the first two types of ventilation
  • general ventilation is a more generalized version of supply and exhaust ventilation. Provides fresh air intake and exhaust air outlet for the entire building;
  • spot ventilation – the part of ventilation that is responsible for a separate room or area.

According to the method of stimulating the air movement, the ventilation systems are divided into groups:

  • ventilation systems with mechanical induction. Mechanical air blowers are used to supply and remove air from the building
  • ventilation systems with natural induction. Air circulation is natural

In residential buildings, a natural ventilation system is usually used. The air flow which is delivered to the indoors through open windows or special supply ducts. Exhaust air is removed through special ventilation shafts located, as a rule, behind the walls in bathrooms and kitchens. 

In public buildings ventilation can be either natural or mechanical, depending on the purpose.

In industrial buildings, the decision on the method of ventilation is made depending on the purpose of the building and the processes that will occur in it. As a rule, in industrial buildings both natural and mechanical ventilation are used for greater efficiency.

Usually, in industrial ventilation, air ducts are not hidden behind walls, but look like pipes of a square, rectangular or circular cross section.

Ventilation equipment can be installed in special ventilation chambers or directly in the room.

UST company installs turnkey ventilation systems. At the initial stage of work, a created project  meets the existing demands and standards for this type of structure. In the process of preparing a project, all the customer’s wishes are taken into account. Installation work begins immediately after the approval of the project.


Design, installation of ventilation systems

Our staff is high-qualified, including education in the field of ventilation systems.  You can be sure in the correct construction of a ventilation system that will perform all the functions. The preliminary calculation and planning of the budget gives the customer a complete understanding of the cost of the work, which helps to save your money

Commercial ventilation

Buildings must be classified by the number of visitors, before designing ventilation of buildings with a large number of people. It is also necessary to take into account the individual requirements for such a system.

  • Ventilation of the department center
  • Supermarket ventilation
  • Logistics center ventilation
  • Cinema ventilation
  • Hotel ventilation
  • Bank ventilation
  • Office ventilation
  • Beauty salon ventilation
  • Restaurant ventilation
  • Cafe ventilation
  • Fitness club ventilation
  • Shop ventilation
  • Car dealership ventilation
  • Business center ventilation

Industrial ventilation

Industrial ventilation has a number of features and differences from ventilation systems of ordinary civilian objects. First of all, this is due to the organization of production processes inside industrial premises, which, as a rule, are accompanied by the release of large amounts of gases and dust.

The ventilation of industrial buildings is usually more powerful. It also effectively fights against relatively large dust particles. As civil buildings, industrial ventilation requires a clear identification of buildings for their intended purpose:

  • Ventilation of a light industry enterprise
  • Food industry ventilation
  • Pharmaceutical industry ventilation
  • Chemical industry ventilation
  • Exhaust
  • Warehouse ventilation
  • Factory ventilation
  • Production room ventilation

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UST has a number of successfully completed projects for the construction and commissioning of ventilation systems. We are ready to perform a task of any complexity and are confident in the quality of its implementation thanks to many years` experience. Our main value is our highly-qualified staff. In addition, we stand out because of the fact that we can:

  • Perform tasks for the design and construction of systems of any complexity;
  • Individual approach to the tasks of each client;
  • Use only the most modern equipment of high-quality that the market offers;
  • Provide advice on issues concerning ventilation systems;
  • Formulate prices individually for each of our clients.
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Stages of work

UST company will carry out turnkey installation of the ventilation system. We will inspect the object, create a project, perform high-quality installation, configure the equipment, introduce into service and leave the site, leaving behind a clean and high-quality work performed


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