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Capabilities of video surveillance systems

The use of high-quality equipment is the pledge of correct work ( work without failures) of an integrated video surveillance system . We use the equipment manufactured by the world leaders, namely Hikvision, Dahua, Uniview, Sony, Panasonic. We offer our customers equipment, characterized by the highest build quality and outstanding performance at an affordable price. There is a wide range of indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras at our disposal. Surveillance cameras (CCTV) have a great variety of operating temperatures. Cameras do not require special protection from the effects of weather conditions. Equipment for indoor video surveillance has wide possibilities for “tuning” and can record high-quality audio, be equipped with wind and motion sensors, which do not react to pets, etc.

A client is given the opportunity to choose between HD-TVI and IP cameras. Today the capabilities of IP cameras are much wider and, moreover, the quality of image is at the highest level. Data transmission via a separate Internet channel, storage of information on the “cloud”, access to the camera from any compatible device are available to you with IP cameras


The uninterrupted operation of a video surveillance system is one of the most important requirements. Therefore, the installation of cameras should be carried out by a team of professionals, in order to exclude human-factor mistakes.

It ought to be remarked that video recording systems are used not only as part of a security system today. Cameras are used to collect and transmit analytical data in the world of digital databases. Vehicle tracking with registration of auto tags, data comparison, automatic access, based on collected information and etc.


Turnkey installation of video surveillance systems

Every new project is completely different. That is why the estimate engineer examines every object in order to take into account all the subtleties and have a conversation with the customer’s representative to consider his wishes

Trust professionals the installation of video surveillance systems!

Everything from design to further service, is performed by UST certified specialists. There are 4 mobile teams, consisting of teams of installers and adjusters and 16 employees in total. They start work immediately after the project is approved by the customer. The use of only professional tools guarantees installation of high-quality, taking into account all requirements.

Video surveillance is a complex of separate elements, assembled into a single closed system. Each installed element is checked and configured separately, and then included in the system. After complete installation, everything is additionally checked to make sure that everything works properly. UST professionals perform all work with the highest quality, thereby minimizing the possibility of failures. The service department, in any case, is ready to promptly respond to any signal about the instability of work.

We provide you with a 2-year guarantee on installed equipment and one-year guarantee on our works. Our teams visit you at least twice in order to control the working of the system, during the warranty period.

Video surveillance maintenance

Our main priority is long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with our clients. Obviously, technique requires periodical inspection and maintenance. Therefore, we always offer our customers high-quality service in addition to design and installation. The continuity of the video surveillance system cannot be without timely and high-quality technical service.

Also, even the most perfect system over time will become obsolete and will require modernization. You can also contact the UST company if you have any questions concerning improving your video surveillance system.

New systems can be made, using both standard template and on the basis of a completely new project, taking into account a specific object and wishes of a client.

Completely all projects can be performed throughout Ukraine. We work with enterprises of any form of ownership and individuals. Various forms of payment are available for the convenience of our clients.

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